Meet the Serbian Startap Ecosystem

On May 26, at the first free event organized by the Founder Institute Serbia, you will be able to hear about how significant science and technology parks are as support for startups at the very start of business development and what our experiences are in the development of the innovation and startup ecosystems.

Meet our members: Trustcode Solutions

Today, transport and logistics are unimaginable without the Fleet Management System, a solution that significantly improved the process of doing business and expense reduction. The Trustcode startup company, an STP Niš member, has recognized the possibility of improving and facilitating other processes aside from transport and has started developing its own MDM Fleet Management system. […]

The Founder Institute Serbia accelerator program has been launched!

Founder Institute is the most significant and largest accelerator program in the world focused on providing support for startups and innovators in the earliest development stages. With developed programs on 6 continents and in over 95 countries, this pre-seed accelerator has been launched in Serbia with the goal of strengthening local and regional entrepreneurship and […]

The Museum of Industrial and Technological Heritage opens its doors to visitors within the “Museums for 10” event

On Saturday, May 14 from 18:00 to 23:00 we are opening the doors to our Museum of Industrial and Technological Heritage within the “Museums for 10” event. The Museum of Industrial and Technological Heritage located within the Science and Technology Park Niš was opened on June the previous year and holds over 400 showpieces. The […]
STP Niš | 18.00 - 23.00

Promotion of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the new AI master course at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Niš

Thursday, May 12 from 12:00 has been reserved for promoting the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the new AI master program at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Science and Mathematics of the University of Niš. The vision of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia is to become a global center […]

STP Niš workshop: Using new technologies for creating, scaling, and launching exceptional digital solutions

Another fantastic workshop is being held in STP Niš!   “Using new technologies for creating, scaling, and launching exceptional digital solutions” which will be held by Lior Romanowsky, the founder of the company “Spartans Technologies” and a serial entrepreneur with more than 10 years of experience in leading great digital products and processes of digital transformation. […]
VIP Meeting Room in STP Niš | 12.00

Startup Breakfast: VC funds and investments

South Central Ventures is the leading regional VC fund with offices in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, and Skopje, which has invested in a large number of regional startups from 2015 when it began operations, as well as some of the most perspective Serbian teams, among which are Organostic, Alchemy, Workplus, and others. Currently, they have a […]
STP Niš | 11.00

The Social Impact Award workshop is being held in STP Niš

Do you have an idea that solves a social or ecological problem? Do you wish to turn that idea into a successful business and launch it into the world of entrepreneurship?  The Social Impact Award workshop is the opportunity for you!  At this workshop, you will work on turning an idea into a business plan […]

Knowledge as the key to business development

The knowledge a company possesses is one of the deciding factors in the battle for dominating the market.  “How to administer knowledge in order to increase the intellectual capital and the performance of companies” and “what is the role of knowledge in the process of product development” are only some of the questions we will […]

STP Niš Meetup: Contemporary HR concepts in practice

HR management is growing in importance through the development of the new philosophy of companies which places employees first. The intellectual capital has become the most significant resource and the main weapon for the survival and the development of a company. And the battle for talents has never been more challenging! People employed in HR […]
Zoom | 18.00

YouthSpeak Forum in the Science and Technology Park Niš

The YouthSpeak Forum conference is being organized on April 16 at the Science and Technology Park Niš. It is a global conference that is being held for the sixth time in Serbia. It is organized under the auspices of the largest world student organization AIESEC in partnership with STP Niš. The goal of the YouthSpeak […]

Meet our members: Red Stone

When talking about gaming, we always come back to the piece of information that the entire gaming industry has significantly advanced and exceptionally developed on the global scale in the past two years, and the growth of income in this industry has been increased by a fantastic 80%, and there are also more and more […]
STP Niš, Zoom | 14.00

Startup Breakfast: From an entrepreneurial endeavor to a business group, exemplified by the Infostud Group

For Friday, April 8, we have prepared a Startup Breakfast for you where our guest will be the founder of the Infostud Group, CEO & Co-Owner Branimir Gajić! We will talk with the Infostud founder about the path of an idea which started from a “garage”, and today is a group of 6 businesses in […]
STP Niš, VIP meeting room | 10.00

StarTech info day in STP Niš!

On Wednesday, March 23 at 12:00, the announcement of the second contest for granting a million dollar grant within the StarTech innovation support program will be held! The grant will be dedicated to all startup companies, entrepreneurs, micro, small, and medium enterprises with innovative business ideas!  If you have an innovative solution or wish to […]
VIP room STP Niš | 12.00
21.03.2022. - 25.03.2022.

Week of open data – opportunity to recommend an event that will mark this week!

 The week of open data will be held from March 21 to March 25 and until noon on March 10, you have the opportunity to recommend an event that will be held during this week! Hurry up and state what your innovative ideas and recommendations which will meet the needs of the community gathered around […]

Workshop “Innovations in Practice”

How do innovative ideas form and in what way are they transferred in practice?  Where and how does one find resources for financing and developing startups? These are only some of the questions we will raise at the first workshop in the series “Valorization of Knowledge EU” realized by the EU Info Point Niš and […]

Startup breakfast: Innovation and startup ecosystem of western Croatia

The Technology Park Varaždin is a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, innovators, mentors, and creative people, and by combining experience and top notch infrastructure, it offers its members support in business development, which contributes to the social and economic growth of the Varaždin region and the Republic of Croatia as a whole. Within the technology park, […]

Meet our members: JuristSoft

When you have software developers and lawyers join forces, you get a web application that contains over 150 models of acts – policies, decisions, contracts, annexes to contracts, resolutions, travel warrants, which have the legal contents and are very simply and automatically made by users. Jurist Biro is an innovative product developed by the Jurist […]
Zoom, Youtube STP Niš | 14.00

Discussion – Energetics and local sustainable development

For the World Energy Efficiency Day, the Department for Thermal Engineering, Thermal Energetics, and Process Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš will organize the ENERGETICS AND LOCAL SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT discussion together with the Society of Thermal Engineers of Serbia and the Science and Technology Park Niš.  This discussion is one of the […]

STP Niš Meetup: Agile methods and facilitations

Today, the words “agile” and “facilitation” can be heard on a regular basis in companies which develop complex products, and these modern business principles can be used by managers, project coordinators, teams, and even entire companies. They include skills you can utilize as an individual – improving your personal skills or transforming processes within your […]
Zoom | 18.00

Startup Breakfast: How to improve a personal business through programs by the National Employment Agency

Whether you are someone only starting out in business, an experienced entrepreneur and employer, or someone in need of a job, searching through the program from the National Employment Service (“Nacionalna Služba za Zapošljavanje” – NSZ) database is always the first step towards the possibility of realizing a part of the financial support.  This year, […]
STP Niš, VIP meeting room | 10.00

Smart Start – a new Innovation Fund program

The Smart Start program was initiated by the Innovation Fund. The program is intended for developing the first prototype or a minimal viable product (MVP). Within this program, the Fund provides financial and mentorship assistance, which will help with conducting the first phase of market research, product development, establishing a business model, and beginning preparations […]

The deadline for applying for the Raising Starts 2.0 program extended

The deadline for applying for the second call for the Raising Starts program has been extended to Thursday, December 30 at noon. Interested parties got some more time to fill in the application form and ensure necessary support that will speed up the development of their innovative idea. The program encompasses individual work with local […]

How to develop a good business model for your startup?

STP Niš workshop: How to develop a good business model for your startup? The good news is that there are more and more funds and programs providing all-encompassing support during their development and also encompasses significant financial support aside from the necessary expert support. Aside from getting informed about possible financing sources, it is necessary […]
Science and Technology Park Niš | 10.00


STP Niš travels to Vranje on December 14 where, at 11:00, it will talk to interested visitors about innovations, creative ideas, and STP Niš activities during the past year of operations, and also about the Raising Starts program which provides support to startup teams and companies in the earliest stages of development of up to […]

Vizual 31 Presentation of the TS Ventures Fund

The TC Ventures Fund is the first corporate fund dedicated to high-risk investments in Serbia, founded in 2021 by the Telekom Srbija Company. This VC invests up to 5 million Euros in domestic startups (initial capital) yearly, and for the first phase, resources are provided for the first five business years – a total of […]
STP Niš, Conference hall | 11.00

Impact Hub Belgrade – Winter Demo Day

Impact Hub Belgrade is organizing the Winter Demo Day on December 9, where startups will have the opportunity to hear more about the following topics: Introduction and connecting with a group of international business angels, investors, representatives of global companies and the rest of the community. The possibility of entering the program of Impact Hub, […]

Raising Starts Meetup

On December 8 at 12:00, in the Science and Technology Park Niš, we heard more about the Raising Starts program! This program encompasses intensive training for business development, mentorship, and up to 15.000 CHF for covering expenses for prototype development, business model development, market research, testing first buyers, intellectual property protection, and other expenses related […]

The Innovation Fund has announced a Public Call for giving grants!

The Innovation Fund has announced the second Public Call for giving grants for developing innovations through: The early development program – up to 80.000 Euros intended for young companies developing a technology innovation for which there is a need on the market. The co-financing innovations program – up to 300.000 Euros to small and medium-sized […]

Startup Breakfast – How to gather a winning Startup team

 Assembling a team that will bring success to every project/startup is not an easy task and requires a series of necessary steps for setting up and observing such a team. STP Niš and IT Labs have prepared a Startup Breakfast for December 3, where the topic will be “How to gather a winning Startup team.” […]

Hackathon – Advanced technologies in the service of ecology

Together with your team, create an idea for solving the urban pocket whose location will be revealed on the day of the hackathon, by using green infrastructure solutions, increasing the reach of gathering carbon in parks, a climate smart way of forestation, and using internet technology. The hackathon winner will receive the largest reward yet […]

Raising Starts – Info Day

At this info day, we found out what is necessary in order to provide professional assistance costing up to 15.000 CHF (non-refundable) for developing an innovative idea at the Raising Starts program. During the presentation on December 3 that started at 14:00, we informed ourselves on who can apply, whether a developed prototype is necessary, […]

STP Niš Meetup: Coworking community

The research conducted by the Deli Space shows that 41 coworking spaces which gather tenants from many fields on a daily basis are functioning in Serbia. Coworking has become a practical solution for office space, especially in the time of the pandemic, when any kind of event and meeting has been directed towards online platforms. […]

Meet our members: ITC Studio

Game development is one of the most creative processes, while VR game development represents a challenge of a new age. A challenge for players as well as the creative people who work on new ideas daily in order to create an unforgettable experience for their users. In the Science and Technology Park Niš, the ITC […]

Startup Breakfast: EU Info Point “EU programs – possibilities for my business”

STP Niš and the EU Info Point have organized a Startup Breakfast on Friday, November 19, where the discussion topic was “EU programs – possibilities for my business.” The development of the idea and the concept makes up a significant part of work for anyone who is starting their own business, but the fact is […]

Applications for the Univerzum startup accelerator have commenced

For anyone who wants their idea to explode on the market, the call for the Univerzum program is open until November 17. Even though the domestic startup ecosystem is very dynamic and provides numerous opportunities for development, many teams cannot fight the numerous challenges and their innovative ideas do not reach the market. For this […]

Meet our members: Webelinx Games

Looking at statistics, gaming is the fastest growing branch of the IT industry. Just in the past two years, when the world was on a break, the gaming industry received 20 percent more income than during previous years! An encouraging fact is that gaming is on the rise in our region as well. And how […]