Startup Breakfast: Goal, Effective Placement and Achievement


We approach this topic from the point of view of an effective mindset, what stops us, blocks us, slows us down, how to build a target structure, strengthen and set bigger and bigger goals, transform blockages into strengths, strengthen positive aspects, align ourselves in order to achieve goals in the fastest, easiest and safest way.

In the field of business processes, Duška Ignjatović works as a consultant on the introduction and maintenance of management systems according to ISO standards, collaborates with foreign companies on market research and connecting with producers from Serbia, and is also a mentor in a business incubator. In addition, she is a member and the vice president of the group in the international business network BNI.

Her specialty is business improvement through structuring and system solutions in the areas of:

  • human resources – adjustment and optimization of mental processes, strategies, and communication (with teams and individuals),
  • business processes and
  • office space.

The goal that is imperative to her are the results that clients receive, and consulting, mentoring, and coaching are the ways in which she effectively achieves this in cooperation and synergy with them.

We have remembered that an inspiring goal and a broad perception give clarity, clarity and precise focus give motivation, motivation gives flexibility and readiness for tests, and all these states are states that we can build ourselves!

Listen to this conversation and find out how a change in strategy and a defined goal structure can lead to the desired results.

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