Innovation Ecosystem and Smart Specialization as a Driver of Regional Competitiveness – one of the Topics at the Kopaonik Business Forum

04.03.2024. 16:30 Копаоник Бизнис Форум

At the Kopaonik Business Forum (KBF), a special event was held that attracted the attention of leading experts and innovators from the region – the 8th Forum of Advanced Technologies, with a focus on the “Innovation Ecosystem and Smart Specialization as a Driver of Regional Competitiveness”. Moderation of the event was entrusted to Milan Ranđelović, PhD, managing director of STP Niš, who successfully led a dynamic discussion on the role of science and technology parks in regional development.

Relying on already existing potentials, the panelists emphasized that the key role is played by science and technology parks, which represent the support for regional development; one of their goals is to connect the potentials of the academic sector, industry and talented individuals. Their synergy creates activities, as well as park programs that are used in the most efficient way to support the development of regional innovation startup centers and incubators.

Stefan Badža from the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of the RS, Vladimir Radovanović from the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation, Vladan Atanasijević from the ComeTrade company, Predrag Nikolić from the Center for Digital Transformation and Boban Stojanović from the Faculty of Economics in Niš shared their opinions and views at the panel. The talks focused on the importance of education and a systemic approach to challenges in regional development, and on strengthening cooperation between faculties, institutes, and the economy; one of the goals set will be the creation of an accessible network of researchers and applicable results, which will encourage the development of innovative solutions.

This event was an introduction to and announcement of the upcoming 8th Forum of Advanced Technologies, scheduled for June this year in the Science and Technology Park Niš.

The Kopaonik Business Forum 2024 takes place from March 3 to 6 and has “New Global Context: Challenges of an Uncertain Future” as its central theme. The event attracts over a thousand participants annually, including heads of state, prime ministers, ministers, senior representatives of regulatory bodies, international financial institutions, distinguished academics, diplomats, business practitioners, and the media. Organized by the Serbian Association of Economists, the KBF strives to promote cooperation between relevant actors and to offer an interactive platform for the exchange of opinions and constructive debate.