Innovation in the Rent-a-car Industry: Launching the “Self Service” Technology

25.10.2023. 15:00 Motorola meeting hall

As digitization is rapidly shaping the world around us, the rent-a-car industry is no exception. We have witnessed how popular rent-a-car services have become and how they have successfully adapted to the digital age. However, the true innovation is yet to come, and we’re excited to share this progress with you!

On Wednesday, October 25, you will have the opportunity to attend the promotion of an innovative “self-service” solution developed by the company Nais Robotics, an STP Niš member. Join us to be among the first to experience this unique change in the rent-a-car industry!
This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about this solution first-hand, ask our experts questions, and discuss future trends and the opportunities they bring together.

In order to attend the event, due to the limited number of seats, please register at this link.