The “Innovative Manager of Today”


Innovations are undoubtedly important for the long-term development of business ecosystems and the creation of added value of companies and the society. How does one come up with innovations? How to introduce them to business processes? How to motivate people to be more creative? These are some of the questions we will pose during the “Innovative Manager of Today” event. The event is part of the “Valorization of Knowledge” realized by the EU Info Point Niš and the Science and Technology Park Niš and it will be held on Wednesday, June 29 at 12:00, in hybrid form – live at STP Niš with online broadcast.

How to remain on the wave of creative thinking and innovative work despite all the changes? How to be an efficient innovative manager of every present and what are the actual key abilities and skills of an individual necessary? How to tend to innovation as a value for the company and the society? These are only some of the directions of the conversations which our lecturers will present through concrete examples from their business practice, alongside some useful advice:

  • Ognjen Radić, serial entrepreneur, founder of the company FitPass, co-founder of Hempiness CBD, Shootiranje;
  • Dimitrije Petković, founder and co-owner of the companies Webelinx and Webelinx Games.

About the lecturers:

  • Having years of experience in management, Ognjen Radić has moved to the position of Country Manager in the largest global service for online food ordering FoodPanda.
    He is most famous for the successful company FitPass which he founded in 2014 together with his business partner and which he built up to a value in millions and then sold in 2020.
    He is also the co-founder of several companies – Shootiranje bar, Hempiness CBD
  • Dimitrije Petković is the founder and co-owner of the companies Webelinx (2011) and Webelinx Games (2020).
    He has held multiple positions during his career.
    He has been in several positions during his career until settling in the fields of Game Design and Product Management. He is currently a CPO (Chief Product Officer) where he is in charge of product strategy and work with production teams. He is very proud of the fact that the products they have made in Niš are available and in demand across the whole world. Webelinx games and applications have had more than two billion downloads during these 10 years.

In partnership with the Science and Technology Park Niš, the EU Info Point Niš has initiated a series of workshops called “Valorization of Knowledge” with the goal of enabling processes of learning and dialogue in all sectors, especially among young people and young entrepreneurs, by tending to a strong culture of knowledge valorization, marketable knowledge, entrepreneurship, and innovations.

In this series, EU experts for business and innovations (program managers, mentors, consultants, users) and knowledge transfer experts will offer their expertise and support in combining research and its application by presenting examples of intermediaries who connect knowledge producers and knowledge users, especially small and medium-sized companies.

People interested in watching can apply by filling out the form at this link.

The EU encourages the development of science and innovations with the goal of creating technological prerequisites for the development of competitiveness and economy across Europe. The EU resources dedicated to this sector in Serbia are used to encourage the quality of science, innovations, and connection with European and international scientists and entrepreneurs, which increases the competitiveness of Serbian economy. A quick transformation of research results and data into sustainable and economically sustainable solutions is crucial for achieving ambitious goals of EU policy.