Meet our members: ITC Studio


Game development is one of the most creative processes, while VR game development represents a challenge of a new age. A challenge for players as well as the creative people who work on new ideas daily in order to create an unforgettable experience for their users.

In the Science and Technology Park Niš, the ITC Studio deals in VR multimedia content development, primarily VR games in the field of sport simulations.

ITC Studio’s other fields of work are 3D model design as part of the VR space, multiplayer VR game programming, educational VR platform programming, and VR tour creation. So far, this company has developed six VR games.

Their team is directed towards the development of multimedia content intended for VR enthusiasts, education, and industry through the simulation of real processes.

We heard about what the challenges in this field of gaming are, what the plans are, and how they see their business development in the coming period on Friday, November 26!