The Museum of Industrial and Technological Heritage located within the Science and Technology Park Niš holds over 400 showpieces, the most important of which have found themselves in the first setting. The “RR Institutes – EI – Roots of Advanced Technologies” exhibition represents the first setting of the Museum of Industrial and Technological Heritage, and as such it is unique in our country, as is the museum itself.

The museum exclusively holds exhibits developed in the RR Institute and the Electronics Industry since 1948. The oldest exhibit is the X-ray tube, and the setting is completed by numerous products from the assortment of wide consumption: television sets, radio devices, etc.

The first computers developed in EI Niš are also within the setting.

The exhibit is complemented by panels with texts and authentic photographs from the golden period of the Electronics Industry. A part of the exhibits is functional, and visitors can see and experience video and sound effects of the periods when the exhibits were created on them.
The exhibit presented in the Museum of Industrial and Technological Heritage in STP Niš is a result of several years of commitment and engagement of the Association for Industrial Heritage and Promotion of Advanced Technologies (PROMO IBiNT).

Museum VR Tour

With the VR tour through the Electronic Industry complex, we tried to introduce the younger generations to historical facts and authentic photographs that show in a real environment what EI once looked like, and we evoke memories of the Renaissance of the Electronic Industry for older citizens.