Meet our members: Webelinx Games


Looking at statistics, gaming is the fastest growing branch of the IT industry. Just in the past two years, when the world was on a break, the gaming industry received 20 percent more income than during previous years!

An encouraging fact is that gaming is on the rise in our region as well. And how could it not be, when STP Niš members are brilliant and enthusiastic teams who are continuously looking for new ideas and inspiration, listen to their users’ feedback, and are constantly working on improving their games.

Webelinx games is the largest independent gaming studio in Niš, with a team of over a hundred people coming from different backgrounds, but sharing the same vision and love towards games.

Their games are diverse – from Hidden Object and Escape Room adventures, all the way to interactive stories and three-pointer shooting competitions. They number over a million active users and over 25 million downloads on the stores, which shows that this well-coordinated team is definitely doing its job well. This company shared more on their business with us on Friday, November 5.