How to Defeat Burnout and the Impostor Syndrome


In cooperation with STP Niš, HelloWorld will organize two events that will be held during the next week within the Science and Technology Park Niš!

The first event, on the more and more current topic of today – “How to Defeat Burnout and the Impostor Syndrome”, is scheduled for Tuesday, September 13 from 17h to 19h in the STP Niš Motorola Hall.

The panelists are:

  • Mihailo Joksimović, Software Engineer, Microsoft
  • Eddy Mugwiza, Software Engineer, Jagger
  • Emilija Ranković, HR and Recruiting Specialist,

Since the topic of employee mental health is more prominent than ever, our interlocutors will share their experiences and knowledge, and some of the questions you will have answered are:

  • What is burnout and how do you differentiate it from regular stress?
  • What is the impostor syndrome and what is the cause of this syndrome?
  • What is the panelists’ personal experience and how did they manage to fight it?
  • How can we help ourselves, and how can we help the colleagues we notice are stressed out?
  • In what way does psychotherapy help?

You can apply to attend the event at this link.