STP Niš services


Legal and Administrative Services

When you decide to establish a company, then you need to know that STP is here to provide you with complete administrative and legal support. STP are always here for you!


Following the world trends in the field of business development, STP have will create a series of trainings that will make your company a true leader.

Marketing & Promotion

Need to define a target group? Are you interested in the best tools to achieve maximum? Want more people to know about you? Do not worry, STP is here to organize all of this and make it easy.

Individual Advising

STP provide support to you business by individual advising in the field of business model developed based on the lean methodology, and other advising needs.

Support in Access to Finance

Contests, funds, finance … all that sounds complicated for you? Do not worry, STP are always here to provide any form of professional support to realize their financial plan.

Access to Young Talents

STP collaboration with the University gives us access to the best young, highly educated staff, we are very proud of that unmeasurable potential.


When you are part of a community then everything goes much easier. Experience is the most important thing for an idea to develop. That’s why STP are here to connect you with those who have already crossed the road you just started. By your example, you help others, but others help you.

Access to Equipment for Applied Scientific Research

STP Niš members have the ability to access laboratories within the University of Niš, as well as expensive relevant equipment for applied scientific research. It is also possible to provide services in the field of examination, expertise, and consulting by researchers from the University.

Infrastructural Support

Through this service, we provide the use of office space, as well as services of access to the telecommunications infrastructure, server rooms, and redundant telecommunications infrastructure. STP Niš also provides the service of enabling the use of space for events, meetings, and presentations.

Cooperation with the University

Through this service, we encourage joint scientific research projects with the goal of creating new or improved commercially oriented products and services, as well as innovative technologies with a significant future effect and market potential.

Prototyping Support

Laboratories for development and equipment for prototyping are available for prototyping new products. We will make it so that you realize the production of necessary custom parts in small series for prototypes based on the cooperation between STP Niš and partner companies (manufacturers), and it is also possible to provide consulting from experts during the development and production of prototypes.

Project Testing in a Realistic Environment (Living Lab)

STP Niš provides its members support for testing their projects in a familiar environment and controlled conditions.