Get Acquainted with the Competition for the Best Technological Innovation in STP Niš, Find and Seize your Chance

03.04.2023. 12:00h VIP Conference Room

Technological innovation plays a major role in the process of long-term economic growth and competitiveness. Innovation is primarily an economic process for which the existence of economic incentives is necessary, that is, the existence of an effective demand for new technologies.

This is precisely why great effort is being made to create opportunities for young innovators to make significant changes in their area and improve society as a whole.

One such opportunity is the competition for the best technological innovation, which promotes an entrepreneurial way of thinking and behavior, and provides participants with financial and educational support. This competition has been held since 2005 and, from its beginnings, was conceived as a school of high-tech entrepreneurship much more than an instrument to determine who is the most successful. This is the reason why new and more interesting trainings are organized every year, through which the skills that researchers often lack are acquired.

Some of the topics are: how to attract investors, how to adapt to the customer, how to creatively solve a problem, how to describe, present, sell, and protect your product.

On Monday, April 3, 2023, from 12:00, STP Niš will host the promotion of the competition in the Conference Hall, where you will be able to get informed about all the most important information on the competition for the best technological innovation, how it is organized, what are the conditions for participation, and what results the participating teams have achieved so far.

This is an opportunity to get to know this program better, and maybe this is exactly the way you will be able to transform your idea into a successful and profitable product or service.