Conference: Informal Education – the Answer to the Challenge Made by the Growth of the IT Industry

25.10.2022. 09:30h STP Niš Conference Hall

The Science and Technology Park Niš, the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Nišava, Pirot, and Toplica administrative regions in Niš, the Seavus IT education center, Level Up – school of programming and design, and IT Center Niš organize the Informal Education – the Answer to the Challenge Made by the Growth of the IT Industry conference on Tuesday, October 25 2022 at 9:30 in the Science and Technology Park Niš.

The aim of the conference is to gather representatives of companies, academia, and IT industry experts at one place, with whom we will summarize the current state of the Serbian IT scene and job market through panel discussions.

In order to perceive the current market need for the IT profession, the conference organizers have designed a survey, and the professional services of the CCIS – regional chambers of commerce of Niš, Leskovac, and Zaječar have conducted that survey with the aim of understanding the circumstances in which the IT industry does business on the territory of southeastern Serbia better.

The survey we had conducted when preparing the conference includes 117 IT companies from the Southern and Eastern Serbia Region, and it provided the following data:

  • Of the 117 surveyed IT companies, 71 employers have the need for employing new personnel.
  • The greatest deficit is at the Web development, DevOps, and Cloud Computing/AWS positions.
  • 6% of the companies are pleased or very pleased with the personnel who have informal education.

The constant market need for IT personnel and the conducted survey raise the following questions:

  • How to acquire expert personnel?
  • How to keep IT experts in the country?
  • How to improve the informal education in this field?

Within the conference, we will attempt to answer the aforementioned questions and conundrums through three topics/panels:

  • The state and needs of the IT scene
  • Informal education working for the development of an IT career
  • Synergy of IT companies and education centers – a projection of the needs of large companies

Representatives from the formal and the informal education will look over the IT market situation from their angle, while representatives of the IT sector, companies that apply innovative processes for production, institutions and organizations that encourage development and provide support to startups when starting their business, will discuss which direction is preferable to take for developing informal education for it to fulfill all expected requests.

The main focus of the discussion will be on defining the joint cooperation model in order to improve the quality and the direction of informal education, connecting IT companies that would be key in giving instructions and input for their improvement, because informal education is susceptible to quick changes to the program and the curriculum because of adapting to the current needs of the IT industry.

The entry to the conference is free, and it is intended for IT companies, representatives from the informal and the formal education, HR agencies, as well as all interested current and future individuals employed in the IT industry.