Opening of the Exhibition “Dialogues with Artificial Intelligence”

27.06.2023. - 10.07.2023. 6:30 p.m.

In the Science and Technology Park Niš, in the period from June 27 to July 10, everyone interested will be able to visit the graphic exhibition Dialogues with Artificial Intelligence, authored by prof. Vladimir Pavlović, PhD.

A cross between art, artificial intelligence, and mathematics, “Dialogues with Artificial Intelligence” opens new perspectives and inspires dialogue about the future of these fields.

The aim of this exhibition is to deal with this increasingly prominent topic, as well as to examine the hidden connections between science, graphic design, and AI technologies. An integral part of the exhibition is the communication between the author and ChatGPT regarding the use of artificial intelligence in sintering science and graphic design.

The opening of the exhibition is planned for June 27 from 6:30 p.m., which also represents a unique opportunity for conversation and discussion about the relationship between artificial intelligence, art, and mathematics, as well as how these different aspects can be connected and make something new and exciting.

The exhibition is organized in cooperation with the Center for Applied Mathematics of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Niš (CAM-FMEN), within the framework of the international conference “Constructive Mathematics: Foundation and Practice CM:FP 2023.”

About the author: Professor Vladimir B. Pavlović is the head of the Department of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Belgrade, FoA and PI of the project “Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies in Digitally Supported University Education.”

Vladimir Pavlović published over 400 scientific papers and presentations at scientific conferences and participated in and coordinated 23 research projects. Vice-president of the Serbian Ceramic Society and editor-in-chief of the scientific journal “Science of Sintering.”