Meetup: Economy in Games and a Balanced Gaming Experience

15.09.2022. 18h STP Niš – Conference Hall

What is the significance of economy in the gaming industry and why is it important to pay attention to this segment within the development of a gaming project? Using examples from the most famous domestic games, our lecturers will answer these and some other questions, and show you and teach you about the basics of the gaming economy.

We will talk with Miloš Milojković, Data Analyst (SOZAP) and Marija Spasić, Product Manager (Peaksel) about the economy in multiplayer mobile games and the economy in free to play games with linear progress.

The event is intended for both video game enthusiasts and those who work in game design, data processing, marketing, game balance, and making decisions regarding business; you can hear more from people experienced in this area on Thursday.

Event attendance is free, and anyone interested can apply HERE.

This activity is launched by the Creative Tech Serbia supercluster, with support from USAID Serbia and ICT Hub Belgrade (through the Serbia Innovates project).