Meet our members: Trustcode Solutions

20.05.2022. STP Niš

Today, transport and logistics are unimaginable without the Fleet Management System, a solution that significantly improved the process of doing business and expense reduction.

The Trustcode startup company, an STP Niš member, has recognized the possibility of improving and facilitating other processes aside from transport and has started developing its own MDM Fleet Management system. Aside from their solution being intended for logistics and transport companies, courier services, and all companies that have their own vehicle fleet, the MDM FMS this company is working on also found use in people’s everyday lives. Thus, this system can now be used to track people with dementia, children, or animals, as well as last mile delivery, that is, tracking merchandise on the field as well as the drivers’ behavior.

 This startup company is the recipient of the grants from the Innovation Fund and the EU IPA Fund for innovations in the fields of:

  • ARG – Automatic Route Generator
  • Vehicle Forecasting
  • PLS – Proactive Location Suggestion

Join us on Friday at the Meet our Members event and, together with us, listen to how four friends worked on developing their joint idea, what their plans are, and what the advantages of using the Fleet Management System are!