Meet our members: JuristSoft

04.03.2022. 14.00 Zoom, Youtube STP Niš

When you have software developers and lawyers join forces, you get a web application that contains over 150 models of acts – policies, decisions, contracts, annexes to contracts, resolutions, travel warrants, which have the legal contents and are very simply and automatically made by users.

Jurist Biro is an innovative product developed by the Jurist Biro startup company, and the basic idea for creating this application was to facilitate the creation of necessary documents in the fields of work relations and business.

With the help of software developers, this team of experienced lawyers from different fields of law used all the benefits of advanced technologies and developed a software solution which will provide complete and all-encompassing legal security for clients by respecting all legal regulations, and also facilitate and speed up the process of document creation.

A special training is not necessary for using the program, so an average user can get acquainted with the way it functions very quickly, which is another advantage.

At the forthcoming Meet our Members event, you will have the opportunity to meet another exceptional member of the Science and Technology Park Niš, hear more about the kind of program it is, how this team got the idea, and what benefits other STP Niš members can expect.