Problems and perspectives of hardware startups in Serbia – online meeting as a warm-up for the conference “Hardware conference & Demo in Serbia”

11.05.2023. - 11.05.2023. 17h платформа Zoom

According to the data in the Bizlife magazine from the end of last year, there are more than 400 innovative startup companies in Serbia, of which about 64 percent are from the field of IT software development, and 15 percent are from the field of hardware development.

Hardware startups are less represented than software startups; however, a lot of work is done on their development and support.

This is precisely why we are organizing the “Hardware conference & Demo in Serbia” conference in partnership with Bridgio Accelerator from Lithuania. The focus of this event is exclusively on Serbian hardware startups and what the climate for their success is in our region.

The main conference will be preceded by an online meeting, scheduled for May 11, 2023 at 17:00, where the current state, key figures of the ecosystem, and the problems facing hardware companies will be discussed.

The main speakers at the scheduled meeting will be:

  • Milan Ranđelović, managing director of STP Niš,
  • Nebojša Bjelotomić, CEO of the “Digital Serbia” Initiative,
  • Leonid Gasan, Chief Operating Officer at the Bridgio Accelerator,
  • Olga Duka, GP and co-founder of Improve Ventures,
  • Ekaterina Shiian, Head of Operations at Baltic Sandbox-у.

During this event, the interlocutors will raise topics about:

  • Problems and new perspectives of the Serbian hardware ecosystem;
  • Promising hardware startups: industry and innovative solutions;
  • Hardware conference and Demo Day in Niš.

Considering the topicality and importance of the topics to be discussed, attendance at this event is possible for all those who are interested. Through this link, you can register and get access to the conference call that will take place on the Zoom platform.