Our story

The Science and Technology Park Niš is an organization which, working closely with the University and the academic community, provides the infrastructure and services to assist innovative companies in realizing business success on the market, especially in the area of high technologies.

As a regional center for the accelerated development of innovative science-technological entrepreneurship and the international promotion of projects and companies, it provides the basis of reengineering the region’s economy and strengthening its global competitiveness.

Inspired by technological tradition, the Science and Technology Park Niš, in synergy with domestic and international players, creates a dynamic and innovative startup ecosystem, which bases development on the economy based on knowledge and innovations, which positions Niš and the region as a global source of advanced technologies.



Our mission

Working devotedly and with dedication, through infrastructural and similar support, we create an environment that will provide the subjects of innovative work in the region with the best conditions for work and accelerated development. By directly connecting the members with organizations for scientific research and higher education, as well as feedback, through joint projects with technological companies, we will enable the commercialization of innovations formed in the process of research and development.

By creating a healthy business environment grounded in economy based on knowledge and promotion of technological entrepreneurship, we will enable conditions for the creation of a large number of startup and spinoff companies. The synergy will enable the creation and development of new innovative products, services, and processes by applying advanced and innovative technologies, the Science and Technology Park provides a top-notch business environment and supports competitiveness and the commercial success of the members.

Our goals

  • Providing infrastructural support for innovation works, which provides infrastructural and expert services to companies, scientific research and innovation organizations within a defined space, for the purposes of connecting them and the rapid application of new technologies, the creation and placing of new products and services on the market, with the goal of a rapid technology development of the country on the basis of examples of good international practice in this field.
  • Attracting innovative technology development companies (domestic and foreign) and creating conditions for their development through connections with scientific research and higher education organizations in accordance with the decrees from the Law on Innovations.
  • Encouraging feedback for the development of scientific research organizations, primarily the University of Niš, through joint research with technology companies, with the goal of commercializing innovations created in the process of research and development.
  • Creating conditions for the founding of a larger number of spinoff companies and their development by applying good practice from Serbia and the region.
  • Creating conditions and the ambience for the development of innovative startup companies.
  • Active and graduate students starting and developing their own “businesses.”
  • Creating and developing new innovative products, services, and processes by applying advanced and innovative technologies with the potential for growth, employment, and export.
  • Employing young educated people, as well as creating conditions for the return of our experts from abroad.