(Niš) Startup School

The (Niš) Startup School – The program is intended for startup members of STP Niš, but also for students of the University of Niš as well as students of private faculties in Niš and the region. It is also intended for all beginners in business, teams, and individuals interested in technological enterpeneurship. Its goal is to strengthen them and introduce them to important terms, methods, and procedures, with the intention of serving as an inspiration to all when entering the world of technological enterpreneurship. Presentations and lectures are organized by local experts, the STP Niš team, and STP Niš members, and are held in rooms of STP Niš live or in an online format depending on the epidemiological conditions at the time they would be held. It consists of 8 one day modules and will be held periodically, twice a year, as a course that lasts for 8 weeks, or in the form of an accelerated summer or winter startup school of STP Niš.

(Niš) Innovation School

The (Niš) Innovation School – An acceleration program intended primarily for startup companies that are members of STP Niš, which are either physically present in STP Niš or are its virtual members, but also for technology development companies that are members of STP Niš. The duration of the course is 6 months, during which the members are taught all the techniques necessary for successfully running a business and how to overcome the challenges they encounter. The lectures will be held by experts in the given areas on both the national and international levels, as well as lecturers from technology development companies. Through the realization of this school, there will also be work on strengthening the capacity of the STP Niš team, which will also be able to actively participate in the realization of this activity in the coming years.