USAID and the Government of Serbia Continue their Joint Support for Strengthening the Innovation Ecosystem in the Southern and Eastern Serbia Region

The Director of the Bureau for Europe and Eurasia of the US Agency for International Development (USAID), Erin Mackey, together with the Assistant Minister of Science and Technology in the Government of Serbia, Vladimir Radovanović, visited the Science and Technology Park Niš. This visit marks the continuation of USAID’s strong support for the development of the innovation ecosystem in Serbia, with a special focus on the Southern and Eastern Serbia Region.

During the visit, the development and potential of the innovation ecosystem in Serbia, as well as the possibilities of cooperation between USAID, the Government of Serbia and the Science and Technology Park Niš, were discussed. The Science and Technology Park Niš and its activities are complementary to the activities of two USAID projects, „Venture an Idea“ and „Serbia Innovates“, and as a partner it plays a significant role in the implementation of these projects, which are focused on empowering entrepreneurs, supporting startups, and facilitating access to knowledge.

A strong partnership between the private and public sectors is crucial for further technological progress and the development of new ideas that connect Serbia with the global community. We expect continued successful cooperation and joint work on promoting innovation and technological development in Serbia.