Innovation Forum YU Info 2024 – an Opportunity to Exchange Experiences and Strengthen the Region’s Innovation Ecosystem

At the Yu Info 2024 Innovation Forum, the STP Niš team attended a unique set of lectures aimed at improving the innovation ecosystem. This event, which enriched the first day of the conference with its content, was an opportunity for everyone present to learn about the latest trends and strategies that contribute to the development of innovation.

Prominent speakers provided a deep insight into the world of innovation through their keynote lectures, presenting inspiring examples from practice, new business models that shape the market, as well as innovative approaches that reshape the way we do business. Not only did these presentations inform the attendees, but they also motivated them to think outside the usual box and apply what they learned in their professional spheres.
Additional value to the forum was given by the presentations of various useful platforms, which presented the tools and resources necessary for the efficient structuring and improvement of the innovation ecosystem.
In addition to the educational aspect, the conference was also an excellent opportunity for networking. The social space allowed participants to exchange ideas, establish new business contacts, and explore potential partnerships. This dynamic interaction among attendees further enriched the experience of the participants, opening the doors to new opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

As part of the Innovation Forum, which was organized by the Ministry of Science, Technological Development, and Innovation, and within the project “Serbia, Land of Science, Land of Innovation”, the community of innovators and professionals had a unique opportunity to, through exchanging experiences, jointly strive towards strengthening the innovation ecosystem by creating foundations for the future success of 24 regional innovation startup centers.


Director of STP Niš – Recipient of NALED’s Special Award for 2023

In accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors and at the suggestion of the members and the Executive Office of the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED), managing director Milan Ranđelović, PhD, was awarded the Special Award for his contribution to reforms in the Republic of Serbia. This prestigious award is awarded as a symbol of exceptional leadership, commitment, and cooperation in contributing to reforms aimed at improving the business environment and social development.

As stated in the explanation, from the very beginning of its operations, the Science and Technology Park Niš strives to create a favorable business environment and innovation ecosystem that encourages entrepreneurship and economic development of the Southern and Eastern Serbia Region. In cooperation with NALED, it included local entrepreneurs and innovators in the StarTech program, opening opportunities for them to access grants intended for the development of their innovative projects.
In less than three years, the number of member companies has exceeded 50 innovative companies that employ more than 600 young and talented people, including the development centers of leading global companies. In addition to strengthening the local innovation infrastructure, STP Niš also plays a key role at the regional level by supporting the establishment and improvement of nine regional startup centers and two innovation incubators at faculties.
The contribution of STP Niš to regional development was recognized through the initiative for building a new facility, with an investment of over 22 million euros, which will triple the capacities for supporting innovation.

This award is a confirmation of the dedication and continuous effort we invest towards creating a better business and social environment, motivating us to continue working on the promotion of innovation, technological development, and entrepreneurship in our region.

Innovation Ecosystem and Smart Specialization as a Driver of Regional Competitiveness – one of the Topics at the Kopaonik Business Forum

At the Kopaonik Business Forum (KBF), a special event was held that attracted the attention of leading experts and innovators from the region – the 8th Forum of Advanced Technologies, with a focus on the “Innovation Ecosystem and Smart Specialization as a Driver of Regional Competitiveness”. Moderation of the event was entrusted to Milan Ranđelović, PhD, managing director of STP Niš, who successfully led a dynamic discussion on the role of science and technology parks in regional development.

Relying on already existing potentials, the panelists emphasized that the key role is played by science and technology parks, which represent the support for regional development; one of their goals is to connect the potentials of the academic sector, industry and talented individuals. Their synergy creates activities, as well as park programs that are used in the most efficient way to support the development of regional innovation startup centers and incubators.
Stefan Badža from the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of the RS, Vladimir Radovanović from the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation, Vladan Atanasijević from the ComeTrade company, Predrag Nikolić from the Center for Digital Transformation and Boban Stojanović from the Faculty of Economics in Niš shared their opinions and views at the panel. The talks focused on the importance of education and a systemic approach to challenges in regional development, and on strengthening cooperation between faculties, institutes, and the economy; one of the goals set will be the creation of an accessible network of researchers and applicable results, which will encourage the development of innovative solutions.
This event was an introduction to and announcement of the upcoming 8th Forum of Advanced Technologies, scheduled for June this year in the Science and Technology Park Niš.

The Kopaonik Business Forum 2024 takes place from March 3 to 6 and has “New Global Context: Challenges of an Uncertain Future” as its central theme. The event attracts over a thousand participants annually, including heads of state, prime ministers, ministers, senior representatives of regulatory bodies, international financial institutions, distinguished academics, diplomats, business practitioners, and the media. Organized by the Serbian Association of Economists, the KBF strives to promote cooperation between relevant actors and to offer an interactive platform for the exchange of opinions and constructive debate.

A Hundred Saplings for a Sustainable Niš: the STP Niš Community on a Green Mission

In the spirit of sustainable development and social responsibility, the Science and Technology Park Niš launched an initiative to plant 100 trees in the city. This initiative is an expression of our commitment to preserving the natural environment and improving the quality of life of the citizens of Niš, so we have provided 100 different saplings in cooperation with JKP Medijana and STP Niš member companies.

This is an opportunity to work together to build a sustainable future and to leave a lasting green footprint as a socially responsible company and community.

“In addition to the Science and Technology Park Niš, more than 30 member companies are participating in the campaign by donating symbolic saplings, from one to 15, depending on the size of the company. We have witnessed that the pollution problem is one of the key ones not only in the city but also in the entire region. We want to contribute to improving that situation a little, and this is just one in a series of campaigns,” said Miloš Grozdanović, assistant director.

The first 50 saplings were planted today, in the green oasis next to Nišava in the park behind the City Heating Plant and in the Stevan Sinđelić neighborhood, in the immediate vicinity of STP Niš. In the following period, the remaining saplings will be planted in several other locations in the city.

So far, the Science and Technology Park Niš has supported several initiatives and campaigns of student organizations and, in cooperation with them, greened the complex around the park itself and the area between the School of Electrical Engineering Nikola Tesla in Niš and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš.

We are grateful for the support and cooperation of our members who contributed to a richer and healthier environment today, because every new tree planted represents a step towards a more beautiful and sustainable future of Niš.

See you soon in a new campaign!

Jubilee of the NIS Company’s “Common Cause Community” Program

We had the extraordinary honor of attending the ceremony on the occasion of 15 years of the socially responsible program “Common Cause Community” of the NIS company.
Thanks to this program, the Science and Technology Park Niš will implement and launch a Laboratory for Audio and Visual Production which will enable us to record quality podcast content, that will be intended for all those interested in startups and technological entrepreneurship, as well as those who are eager for the most up-to-date information from all fields of the IT industry.

In 2023 alone, 6 million dinars were invested in the territory of the City of Niš for the implementation of projects aimed at the field of science and education, with the goal of contributing to the improvement of the conditions for education and increasing the capacity for the work of scientific institutions, through support to the Elementary School “Njegoš” in addition to STP Niš.
The NIS company and the City of Niš have been partners in the “Common Cause Community” program since its inception in 2009, and within the framework of this program, the NIS company has supported 81 projects in Niš so far, the implementation of which has had 86 million dinars invested in.