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Innovation Forum YU Info 2024 – an Opportunity to Exchange Experiences and Strengthen the Region’s Innovation Ecosystem

At the Yu Info 2024 Innovation Forum, the STP Niš team attended a unique set of lectures aimed at improving the innovation ecosystem. This event, which enriched the first day of the conference with its content, was an opportunity for everyone present to learn about the latest trends and strategies that contribute to the development of innovation.

Prominent speakers provided a deep insight into the world of innovation through their keynote lectures, presenting inspiring examples from practice, new business models that shape the market, as well as innovative approaches that reshape the way we do business. Not only did these presentations inform the attendees, but they also motivated them to think outside the usual box and apply what they learned in their professional spheres.
Additional value to the forum was given by the presentations of various useful platforms, which presented the tools and resources necessary for the efficient structuring and improvement of the innovation ecosystem.
In addition to the educational aspect, the conference was also an excellent opportunity for networking. The social space allowed participants to exchange ideas, establish new business contacts, and explore potential partnerships. This dynamic interaction among attendees further enriched the experience of the participants, opening the doors to new opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

As part of the Innovation Forum, which was organized by the Ministry of Science, Technological Development, and Innovation, and within the project “Serbia, Land of Science, Land of Innovation”, the community of innovators and professionals had a unique opportunity to, through exchanging experiences, jointly strive towards strengthening the innovation ecosystem by creating foundations for the future success of 24 regional innovation startup centers.