Annual Gathering of the STP Niš Community Members: Achievements – Contribution – Upgrade

On Friday, June 9, the Science and Technology Park Niš organized an annual community gathering where, alongside the member companies, it summarized the results and goals achieved, and the main focus of the conversation were the upcoming plans.

Over the past three years, the Science and Technology Park Niš has become a center for innovation excellence, attracting experts from various fields and providing support to its members and their innovative ideas.

We have been making efforts to strengthen our ties and empower our community. Through counseling, workshops, mentoring sessions, and support programs, we gave young talents the opportunity to turn their ideas into successful business projects. Through these activities, we have created a network that connects different sectors, enabling us to share knowledge, resources, and ideas, and at the same time, in this way, we have also helped member companies on their development path,” said Milan Ranđelović, PhD, managing director of the Science and Technology Park Niš.

This event, internal in nature, was an opportunity to put special emphasis on the presentation of the future goals of the Science and Technology Park Niš. One of the most important plans that has been highlighted is the expansion of spatial capacities. The creation of a new office space will provide, among other things, space for the reception of members who are waiting; it opens up the opportunity for the progress of member companies whose business is developing intensively and the number of employees is continuously growing, while one of the key advantages is the opening of development centers of large foreign companies.

For the second year in a row, having become tradition, in partnership with the Local Foundation Niš, an auction was organized to support creative ideas for the development of the city. This year, there were 13 items in the bidding, and an amount of 310,000 dinars was secured, which will be directed towards the realization of the creative ideas of the citizens of Niš in one of the next LFN competitions. Among paintings, designer clothing pieces, sports props, etc., the largest bid of 60,000 dinars was the winning bid for a T-shirt signed by Željko Obradović, coach of KK Partizan.

As a reminder, with the funds collected at last year’s auction in STP Niš, 6 ideas of groups of citizens, informal associations, and individuals who are now working on their projects were supported, and this gathering was an excellent opportunity for STP Niš member companies to hear about two of the ideas already supported.

The Innovation School has Opened: Entry into the World of Innovation and Rapid Growth for Student Teams

The 30 selected firms and companies, as well as 17 different business support organizations and local self-government units, will receive professional assistance and mentorship to facilitate business and accelerate the growth of existing companies, and they will also be shown the potential they have. This means that the Innovation School has started!

At the opening of the Innovation School, representatives of the Startup Center Niš, the City of Niš, EUPRO+, as well as the Assistant Minister of Science, Technological Development, and Innovation, Vladimir Radovanović, wished the participants a successful start and good luck in their future work.

Yesterday, the participants went through the first module and got acquainted with the startup and innovation ecosystem through the lectures of Neda Trifunović, manager for the startup ecosystem of the Digital Serbia Initiative, and Milan Ranđelović, PhD, director of STP Niš.

In the coming 11 weeks, the teams will work on improving their ideas and business models through the necessary training, mentoring, and workshops, and mentors and industry experts will help them make the most of all the resources and knowledge the program offers.

We are already expecting the second module at the beginning of June – Presentation of your ideas and projects: initial pitch.

* In partnership with the City of Niš, the Startup Center Niš realizes the project “Resilient and Stable Startups as a Drive for Regional Development” financed by the European Union in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Serbia through the EUPRO+ program

The Museum of Industrial and Technological Heritage is part of the “Museums for 10” event

According to ICOM (International Council of Museums), museums have the power to transform the world around us, because they are fantastic places of new discoveries that teach us about the past and inspire new ideas.

The European Night of Museums is a cultural event that involves cooperation between museums and other institutions. At that time, all cultural institutions are open to visitors until late at night, with the idea of bringing the museums and their exhibits closer to them and making them more accessible.

Along with the International Museum Day, which is celebrated on May 18, the Night of Museums is held as part of the National Museum Week.

The “Museums for 10” event is a national museum initiative, the largest on the territory of Serbia so far and unique in the European cultural space, coordinated by the National Committee of ICOM Serbia. The event was designed with the idea of closer cooperation and joint performance by museums in Serbia, with the aim of a stronger connection with the local community, which also results in more intense interaction with the audience and greater attendance.

This year’s event theme is “Museums, sustainability, and well-being”. As sustainability has become a global priority, due to the fight against global warming and climate change we are facing, the Museum Week will draw attention to these important issues.

The doors of the Museum of Industrial and Technological Heritage will be open for visitors from 7:30 to 18:30 as part of the “Museums for 10” event.

USAID director Samantha Power’s visit to the Science and Technology Park Niš: Support for the development of innovation and technological entrepreneurship in Serbia

As part of her visit to Serbia, the International Director of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Samantha Power, visited the Science and Technology Park Niš.

During her short visit, the USAID director toured the STP Niš building, spoke with representatives of our community about the influence that STP Niš has for the development of innovation and technological entrepreneurship in the region, and the way we work to improve this part of Serbia.

We presented the great potential of the Southern and Eastern Serbia Region to her through a conversation with some of the members of the Science and Technology Park Niš. She had the opportunity to talk with them about their development path, the role of STP Niš in the early stages of establishing companies, and future plans for business improvement.

Opening of the 4th Climate Caravan – traveling exhibition and seminar “Sustainable Mobility” in STP Niš

The “Sustainable Mobility” seminar was held in the Science and Technology Park Niš as part of the second “Ekoopština” competition.

The Embassy of France in Serbia, with the help of its partners, wanted to contribute to the development of French-Serbian cooperation in the field of sustainable cities through the identification of good practices developed at the local level in Serbia as well as in France, and in 2022 it established the “Ekoopština” competition, which rewards cities and municipalities in Serbia that have embarked on the process of ecological transition.

In 2022, the city of Niš was recognized by the expert jury of “Ekoopština” and was awarded in the “Smart Cities” category based on the activities undertaken in this area.

The seminar was opened by the Ambassador of France to Serbia, Pierre Caucher, and the Mayor of the City of Niš, Dragana Sotirovski, and the opening was followed by presentations by experts in the field of sustainable development and mobility who identified the problems facing our country and presented pilot projects that offer potential solutions to the observed problems in this area.

In addition, the 4th Climate Caravan – a traveling exhibition on the topic of water and climate change – was opened. Almost three quarters of the earth’s surface is water. The largest part is frozen, and a third is made up of underground channels, so that only 0.3% of the total fresh water remains available for drinking. The exhibition talks about the connection between water and climate change and teaches us the different ways we can use and save water in our daily lives better.

This exhibition will be available to the Niš audience from May 10 to 24 in the foyer of the Science and Technology Park Niš.