The City of Niš has strategically opted for the dynamic development of the IT sector. A step towards this goal is the determination of the City to build a Science and Technology Park that is implementing with the support of the competent ministries of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

The establishment of science and technology park, which is closely linked to the university and the rest of the scientific community, opens the possibility of forming companies based on innovation arising from scientific research and provides infrastructure support for joint projects of scientists and interested companies.

Science and Technology park Niš (STP Niš) will be an organization that provides infrastructure and services to help innovative businesses achieve business success in the high-tech market.

The Science and Technology park Niš aims to become a regional center for the dynamic development of innovative science and technology entrepreneurship, the international promotion of projects and companies and, as such, the basis of reengineering the economy of the Niš region and enhancing its global competitiveness.

Total area of the building: 13.977m2Basement + Ground level + 3 Floors 126 Parking Spaces


Legal and Administrative Services

When you decide to establish a company, then you need to know that STP is here to provide you with complete administrative and legal support. STP are always here for you!


Following the world trends in the field of business development, STP have will create a series of trainings that will make your company a true leader.

Marketing & Promotion

Need to define a target group? Are you interested in the best tools to achieve maximum? Want more people to know about you? Do not worry, STP is here to organize all of this and make it easy.


We will have cooperation with some of the most successful names in the field of business. They will be ready to share their long-standing knowledge and priceless experience, take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Individual Advising

STP provide support to you business by individual advising in the field of business model developed based on the lean methodology, and other advising needs.

Support in Access to Finance

Contests, funds, finance … all that sounds complicated for you? Do not worry, STP are always here to provide any form of professional support to realize their financial plan.

Access to Young Talents

STP collaboration with the University gives us access to the best young, highly educated staff, we are very proud of that unmeasurable potential.


When you are part of a community then everything goes much easier. Experience is the most important thing for an idea to develop. That’s why STP are here to connect you with those who have already crossed the road you just started. By your example, you help others, but others help you.

3D Lab

Innovation lab is dedicated to STP members and participants of different support programs and consists of 3D printing lab that has the newest 3D printing equipment and Makers Space in which young entrepreneurs can work on the development of their hardware solutions.

Educational Institutions and the STP Environment

  • Faculty of Electronic Engineering
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • College of applied technical sciences Niš
  • Mechanical and Technical high schools
  • University campus
    currently under construction is another housing facility for students
  • University housing estate
    currently, there are ongoing works on the construction of four more facilities in the settlement, with a total capacity of 190 housing units
  • Fortress, city park
  • City center (1,3km)

Serbia Creates Opportunities


The Science and Technology Park Ltd. (hereinafter: STP Nis) was established in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Serbia (on behalf of the Government of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia), the City of Nis and the University of Nis with the aim of:

  • providing infrastructure support for innovation activity, which within the defined space provides infrastructure and professional services to companies, scientific research organizations, and innovative organizations for their connection and as soon as possible, application of new technologies, creation, and placement of new products and services on the market, with the aim of accelerated technological development of the country, based on good international practice in this field;
  • attracting innovative technological development companies (domestic and foreign) and creating conditions for their development through linking with scientific research and higher education organizations, following the provisions of the Law on Innovation Activity;
  • stimulating feedback on the development of research organizations, especially the University of Nis through joint research with technology companies, to commercialize innovations generated in the R&D process;
  • creating conditions for the establishment of a large number of spin-off companies and their development by applying good practice from Serbia and the region;
  • providing the conditions and creating the environment for the development of innovative startup companies,
  • starting and developing their own “business” by active and graduate students,
  • development of new innovative products, services, and processes by applying advanced and innovative technologies with the potential for growth, employment and exports;
  • hiring young educated staff, as well as providing conditions for the return of our professionals from abroad.

With this Public Call, to put into operation the complex of Science and Technology Park in Nis (in accordance with the Law on Confirmation of the Financial Contract between the Republic of Serbia and the European Investment Bank published in the Official Gazette of the RS – International Treaties, No. 5/10, as well as the commitments of the Republic of Serbia under that agreement) and provide conditions for innovation development, STP Nis offers the following package of services:

  • Infrastructure services
    • Open office space with the use of common rooms (meeting room, presentation room, common rooms, etc.)
  • Consulting services
    • In the field of innovation development and commercialization,
    • Consulting services in the areas of management, marketing, finance, bookkeeping, business law, protection of intellectual property, etc.
  • Other services
    • Education and training through training programs,
    • Networking and promotion,
    • Access to equipment for applied scientific research,
    • Access to talent, etc.

The Right to participate in the public call refers to:

  • Startup and spinoff companies – registered business entities (up to two years of existence at the time of application submission) with registered activities in the field of development of new innovative products, services and technologies in order to meet market needs.
  • Teams of potential entrepreneurs, spin-off teams, as well as teams of active and graduate students who have innovative ideas for the development of new products, services and technologies needed by the market, with the obligation to register with companies at the moment of signing the Agreement with NTP Niš.
  • Technology companies engaged in the development of new or enhancement of existing products, processes, and services are eligible for participation under this Public Call:
  • Micro, small and medium enterprises,
  • Large enterprises for locating their R&D departments in STP Nis.

Potential users of STP Nis services interested in accessing the infrastructure and professional services provided by STP Nis without using office space can become virtual STP Nis members by applying for the Public Call.

Priority in selection is given to companies active in the areas identified as priorities in the Smart Specialization Strategy of the Republic of Serbia and the Strategy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence in the Republic of Serbia for the period 2020-2025.

The final priority areas of the Smart Specialization Strategy of the Republic of Serbia are the following:

  • Food for the future:
    • High-tech agriculture,
    • Value Added Products,
    • Sustainable food production chain;
  • Information and communication technologies:
    • Custom software development,
    • Development of own products;
  • Machines and production processes of the future:
    • General and specific purpose machines,
    • Smart Management Information-Industry 4.0 Information,
    • Smart components and tools;
  • Creative Industries:
    • Creative Audiovisual Production,
    • Video games and interactive media,
    • Smart packaging.

Startup Companies

Technology Development Companies

Commercial Tenats