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Expert Discussion – Ideas of the Little, Experience of the Big: how Corporations and Startups Cooperate

At the panel “Ideas of the Little, Experience of the Big: How Corporations and Startups Cooperate” – a StarTech program implemented by NALED in partnership with the Government of Serbia and with the support of the Science and Technology Park Niš, a number of important questions about startups and their current position were raised, such as and the direction in which they are moving.

The biggest challenge that startups face is the struggle on the market, and the panelists shared with us how large companies can involve small ones and provide them with the necessary support. Through this cooperation, innovators get the opportunity to learn, develop their business models, and spread their knowledge and experience, but also a very important network of contacts. In addition, space is provided for applying innovations in solving numerous challenges in business.

“Small companies, that is, startups that are only starting, need big companies, not only to learn from their experience, but also to place their products on the market,” said Irena Đorđević from NALED.

Panelists Janko Pavlović, director of Digital Works, and Ivan Stanković, director of Syncit Group, shared their experiences on the importance of support and networking with large companies locally and nationally, as well as internationally.

By accepting new, young ideas and supporting startup entrepreneurship, innovation development and the development of the entire ecosystem is inevitable.