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Serbia – the land of talented highly educated professionals

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Ana Brnabić visited the Science and Technology Park Niš with her team, joined by the assistant to the Minister of Education, Science, and Technology, Dr Saša Lazović. At that time, a meeting was held with the director and team of STP Niš, the Mayor of the City of Niš Dragana Sotirovski, and the University of Niš rector as well. There was talk about the first year of STP Niš operations, results achieved, and further plans. 

The Prime Minister also visited STP Niš member companies, who demonstrated their projects and excitedly presented their goals. More than 40 STP Niš projects held during the previous year are a distinguishing example of innovative companies that scale globally.

“I see science-technology parks as a brain that should lead us to a new and better future, to position us as a country that Serbia is – not a country of cheap labor force, but a country of talented highly educated professionals, capable of making new things and solving problems in innovative ways. Niš has a phenomenal University, excellent people, and it was this kind of investment that was needed in order to keep all that talent in Serbia and have it grow further” – the Prime Minister used these words to describe STP Niš.