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We celebrated our first birthday!

Together with local partners and park members, STP Niš marked the full year since the end of construction works and the beginning of the realization of plans and goals. Within a year, STP Niš has become home to 35 member companies who work on developing their own innovative products within the STP Niš community. At the birthday celebration, we recapitulated the achieved results, plans, and challenges STP Niš faced during the previous year. The “RR Institutes – EI – Roots of Advanced Technologies” exhibit of the Museum of Industrial and Technological Heritage of Niš created with the help of the Promo IbiNT Association, the National Museum, and the Historical Archive, was officially opened as well. 

Through two panel discussions, we observed the role and significance of STP Niš from the perspective of the regional economy, multinational companies, public institutions, academy and student organizations, as well as the STP Niš member companies’ business. 

We look forward to the further work and progress of the park, which will have a big role in positioning and rebranding Niš and the whole of the South and East Serbia Region as an important factor of the innovation ecosystem of the Republic of Serbia and the region..