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The Science and Technology Park Niš held its first panel discussion

“STP Niš as a tool for regional development” was the first panel discussion held by STP Niš in collaboration with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce – RPK Niš, the Regional Development Agency JUG, and the Office for the Local and Economic Development of the City of Niš. The panel had discussions about the potential of STP Niš to directly influence the development of entrepreneurship, efficiency of knowledge and technology transfer, and the region’s economic growth. The primary goal of the discussion was to identify mechanisms and potential fields of cooperation, as well as to recognize the nneds of regional institutions.
This panel gathered representatives of regional institutions in order to introduce them to the capacities and the work of STP Niš, and with the goal of identifying mechanisms and fields of cooperation.
Within the panel, there was a discussion on the topic of the role of STP Niš in the development of the region. The panelists who shared their opinions were: Ivan Rakonjac, the director of the Innovation Fund; Goran Jović, on behalf of the Regional Chamber of Commerce of the Jablanica and Pčinja administrative district; Vladan Jeremić (Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia – RARIS); Miloš Colić, representative of the City of Pirot; Vladislav Marjanović, on behalf of the City of Niš; and professor Vlastimir Nikolić, representative of the University of Niš.