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A New Contest of the Local Foundation Niš for Creative Ideas – Citizens for the Community – has been Opened

The Local Foundation Niš (LFN), in partnership with STP Niš and with the support of the Trag Foundation, opened the fourth Contest in a row, where a total of 6,000 Euros is available to formal and informal groups of citizens for the realization of creative ideas in Niš. The largest part of the money available was secured at the auction that took place at the celebration of the Science and Technology Park Niš’s two years of operation.

LFN has supported 29 citizens’ initiatives with previous contests, and with this contest, it wants to provide support to neighbors, active Niš residents, and all those who want to positively influence their street, neighborhood, village, and city. This public call will support initiatives that contribute to the development of Niš and increase the quality of life in the community, such as initiatives in the field of investment in education, support for culture and art, improvement of public spaces, and development of sports.

The amount of funds allocated ranges from a minimum of 50,000 dinars to a maximum of 150,000 dinars per idea. A minimum of six citizen initiatives from the territory of all five city municipalities in Niš will receive support.

The united citizens recognize the needs of their communities the best, in the smallest local units, settlements, neighborhoods, streets, and yards. The competition of the Local Foundation Niš opens up space for various projects that contribute to the development of our environment.

The support is intended for registered citizens’ associations and informal groups* that:

  • Drive and actively involve citizens in their activities
  • Represent the general interests of their community
  • Operate on the territory of the City of Niš (all five city municipalities)

*by “informal groups” we mean groups of at least three people which are gathered around solving problems in the local community and are not formally registered.

You can submit your idea by filling out the LFN form, which you can download here and send to no later than March 20 at 11:59 p.m.

You can find all additional information on the Local Foundation Niš website.