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Opening of the 4th Climate Caravan – traveling exhibition and seminar “Sustainable Mobility” in STP Niš

The “Sustainable Mobility” seminar was held in the Science and Technology Park Niš as part of the second “Ekoopština” competition.

The Embassy of France in Serbia, with the help of its partners, wanted to contribute to the development of French-Serbian cooperation in the field of sustainable cities through the identification of good practices developed at the local level in Serbia as well as in France, and in 2022 it established the “Ekoopština” competition, which rewards cities and municipalities in Serbia that have embarked on the process of ecological transition.

In 2022, the city of Niš was recognized by the expert jury of “Ekoopština” and was awarded in the “Smart Cities” category based on the activities undertaken in this area.

The seminar was opened by the Ambassador of France to Serbia, Pierre Caucher, and the Mayor of the City of Niš, Dragana Sotirovski, and the opening was followed by presentations by experts in the field of sustainable development and mobility who identified the problems facing our country and presented pilot projects that offer potential solutions to the observed problems in this area.

In addition, the 4th Climate Caravan – a traveling exhibition on the topic of water and climate change – was opened. Almost three quarters of the earth’s surface is water. The largest part is frozen, and a third is made up of underground channels, so that only 0.3% of the total fresh water remains available for drinking. The exhibition talks about the connection between water and climate change and teaches us the different ways we can use and save water in our daily lives better.

This exhibition will be available to the Niš audience from May 10 to 24 in the foyer of the Science and Technology Park Niš.