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The STP Niš Director participated in a panel discussion at Expo 2020 Dubai

The results of STP Niš’s work, which is home to almost 50 innovative high tech companies where over 500 young and highly educated people work, caused the STP Niš Director, dr Milan Ranđelović, to present STP Niš, its results and the manner of cooperation wit all players at the regional and national levels, and the activities of the Rpeublic of Serbia on the development of the innovational startup ecosystem, at the largest expo in the world.

During the week dedicated to knowledge and learning, at the panel discussion „Education – Starting an Entrepreneural Ecosystem“, one of the key topics dr Milan Ranđelović spoke about was precisely the necessity of training students for modern entrepreneural knowledge in the innovation era.

At this global conference, the Science and Technology Park Niš will contribute to the discussion which has the goal of providing answers – How to provide students with modern entrepreneural knowledge in the innovation era? How do countries of the world develop startup programs in cooperation with universities and support the development of a successful ecosystem of innovative startup entrepreneurship through infrastructure and tools such as science-technology parks?

Dr Milan Ranđelović was joined in the discussion by dr Madhavi Ayyagari, the director of the School Business at the Murdoch University in Dubai and Krisztian Kolkedi, the founder of the Hungarian Startup University Program.