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The City of Niš has Prepared a Support Program for Co-financing Innovations in Cooperation with STP Niš

As a regional center of this part of Serbia, the City of Niš has recognized the significance of developing the innovation ecosystem and knowledge-based economy as its key opportunity and has, in cooperation with the Science and Technology Park Niš, prepared a support program for co-financing innovations.

Within the support program, the City of Niš has dedicated five million dinars, with a maximum amount of one million dinars per user for developing the innovative idea, with the obligation of employing unemployed personnel.

The Science and Technology Park Niš, which has been recognized as an example of good practice in promoting technology entrepreneurship and new innovative technological solutions, products and services in only two business years, will strive to provide the recipients of the funds with expert and infrastructural support in the process of developing their own innovative idea and business.

With their 55 member companies, STP Niš represents an innovative community which, by networking and providing expert and infrastructural support, will contribute to the accomplishment of goals and the positive results of potential winners of this Public Call’s funds.

The application for this Public Call can be submitted by startup teams of at least two members, as well as by micro enterprises registered and headquartered on the territory of the City of Niš, and were in business for less than three years at the time of submitting the application.

The expenses being financed are the expenses necessary for developing innovations (proof of concept and/or the commercialization of the innovation), which are:

  • Expenses for salaries and/or expenses for compensation, including all relevant taxes and contributions,
  • Expenses regarding the procurement of the equipment and tools for the development needs – expenses regarding market research,
  • Expenses regarding research and testing,

whereas expert support (advice on developing the business model, legal and administrative advice, training, intellectual property protection, preparing investments, infrastructural support, mentorship work, visibility, and promotion), infrastructural support (office space, meeting, presentation, and video conference rooms, joint coworking space, access to equipment) and/or virtual membership will be provided by the Science and Technology Park Niš for free.

Development activities that can be performed within the project can include the demonstration of the technology, the creation of a prototype, piloting, testing, and validating new or improved products, processes, or services.

Through this innovation co-financing program, in cooperation with the Science and Technology Park Niš, the City of Niš will provide support for innovation development and the development of new innovative high-tech products and services, processes, and the creation of innovative companies based on knowledge, increasing competitive capabilities of business entities through financing innovative market-oriented projects, and by doing so, the goals for presenting the funds will be fulfilled.

The application deadline is September 10 2022, and interested parties can find all information, conditions, and the application form on the Local Economic Development Office of the City of Niš website.