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The Innovation Fund has Published Three Public Calls for Grants

The Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia has opened Public Calls to support the creativity of new entrepreneurs.

This state organization, specialized in providing support for innovations and encouraging innovation, launched three programs in December of this year.

The three programs offered were launched in order to encourage the development of ideas, scientific research activities and the development of the first prototype.

  • THE PUBLIC CALL FOR THE “SMART START” PROGRAM has been opened in order to support the most promising teams in their efforts to validate their business ideas and demonstrate the usefulness of their products/services/technologies through the development of the first prototype or minimum viable product (MVP). The maximum amount of funding that the Innovation Fund awards per individual project is up to 3,600,000.00 RSD (around 30,000.00 EUR). Additionally, all users of the Program will receive 600,000.00 RSD (around 5,000.00 EUR) of additional funds allocated for mentorship support.
    The Fund will consider financing projects from all fields of science and technology and from any industrial sector.
    You can apply to the contest electronically through their portal at this link.
    The application deadline is February 28, 2023, at 12:00.
  • THE PUBLIC CALL FOR GIVING OUT INNOVATION VOUCHERS is an incentive intended for companies to use the services provided by scientific research organizations for the development of new products and services related to the innovation process, with the aim of transferring knowledge and creating long-term partnerships between companies and scientific research organizations.
    The innovation voucher covers 60% of the total costs of the service provided by the scientific research organization, that is, a maximum of 800,000 dinars.
    Companies are obligated to co-finance the remaining amount of the total cost of services.
    It is intended for micro, small and medium-sized companies in majority private ownership, registered in Serbia.
    The deadline for submitting applications is from December 15, 2022, until the allocated funds have been used up.
    To apply, first you need to register an account at this link.
  • THE PUBLIC CALL FOR THE TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER PROGRAM was announced with the aim of increasing the commercialization potential of academic research through close cooperation with universities, faculties, research institutes and their technology transfer offices.
    This Program includes financial support of up to 2,400,000.00 dinars, which represents 100% of the funds with which the Fund supports the financing of the approved project.
    The application deadline is from December 15, 2022, until the allocated funds have been used up.
    Applications are submitted in English, electronically, via this link.

The information on the necessary documents for applying for these support programs is available on the Innovation Fund’s website.

The Fund’s public calls encourage innovative entrepreneurship and provide a chance to improve the technological and research capacities of our country.