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The American Company “Cisco” has Opened a Research and Development Center in STP Niš

The world’s leading company in the field of computer networks, which transforms the way people connect, communicate, and collaborate, Cisco, opened a research and development center in the Science and Technology Park Niš on Friday, March 31, 2023.

“The USA is the number one partner for the Republic of Serbia in the field of exchange of services in the information and communication technology sector, followed by Great Britain, Switzerland, and Germany,” said Prime Minister Ana Brnabić at the opening.

Data on exports in the information technology sector are growing year by year. Last year, a record export of 2.7 billion euros was achieved, and so far the data for this year seems even better. The presence of Cisco, says Brnabić, will enable our export of services to the USA to be even more significant.

The Cisco company is present in Serbia and has been selling its services there for a decade, and this expansion is extremely important. The new expansion of this American company implies the employment of 50 more engineers in our country.

The presence of a multinational company in STP Niš, which operates at an enviable level, especially the privilege of opening a research and development center in our city, opens numerous opportunities for the City of Niš.

The Vice President of the Cisco company Odysseas Charalambous pointed out that, with the help of the ‘Silicon 1’ product, the routers will work faster and more economically: “We expect to complete the hardware unit and to establish a laboratory soon, which will complete and expand our work in Serbia,” he said.

Apart from the fact that young engineers will get employment opportunities, the chance that many more American companies will open their research centers in Serbia and in Niš is becoming more and more likely and realistic.