Technopark Serbia 2 – Boosting Exports through Technoparks


The Science and Technology Park Niš is a part of the “Technopark Serbia 2 – Boosting Exports through Technoparks” project, through which the Government of Switzerland supports further development of innovations and technological entrepreneurship in Serbia.

The project’s goal is to empower science and technology parks to recognize specificities of innovation development in their regions and develop technology parks suited for their environment in order to encourage the founding of new startup companies.

By developing and strengthening the regional network of science and technology parks through this Project, with the support of the Government of Switzerland, support is given to the founding and development of new startups so they can compete with companies from the most developed parts of the world with their services and products while working from Serbia. At the same time, founding new startup companies increases the strength of the startup ecosystem and raises its visibility on the international scene.