Serbia Innovates – MedTech and Biotech Supercluster “Health Tech Lab”


Project name: Serbia Innovates – MedTech and Biotech Supercluster “Health Tech Lab”

Project lead institution: ICT Hub

Project partners: Science and Technology Park, Health Tech Lab, FEFA faculty

Financier:  USAID

Project goal:  The consortium’s vision is a Serbia where healthcare is personalized and digitalized, while industry is active and developed on the basis of strong infrastructure and technology.
The development of an ecosystem in which ethical principles are respected with the existence of agile legislation that enables successful business and the implementation of innovations is one of the primary goals of the consortium. By meeting that goal, the entire society will use products and innovations and develop confidence in a functioning system.

Project activities: Organization of one hackathon, one accelerator, two bootcamps, monthly community meetings, curriculum development of the master’s program at the FEFA faculty, holding competitions with faculties and institutes…

Project results: Collaboration between over 57 organizations, including 13 startups, 15 academic institutions, 27 professional and support organizations and 2 multinational companies. The first accelerator for medical and biotechnology startups was established, a new startup was formed from the hackathon, cooperation between the institute and the business school was established, cooperation between the faculty and private companies was established, on the basis of which some students were employed…

Project implementation period: 12 months (from June 1, 2022 – June 1 2023)

Link to the project website: