The first STP Niš Roadshow is done

The NTP Niš Roadshow adventure we started last week, wishing to present our activities and results achieved during the first year of operations, has come to an end.

We visited Zaječar, Vranje, Pirot, and Kruševac, and talked with you about innovations, your ideas, and the current Raising Starts program.

We enjoyed socializing with young creative people of Eastern and Southern Serbia, and we hope that getting to know STP Niš gave you courage to work on your ideas and that one of the very participants will become a future innovator!

We thank our partners – Business Incubator Kruševac, Business Incubator Center Vranje, POMAK Coworking, RARIS Zaječar, the City of Pirot, and the Zip Center, for the exceptional organization and hospitality.