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The 8th Forum of Advanced Technologies in June at STP Niš

On Wednesday, April 24, at a media conference, the 8th Forum of Advanced Technologies (FNT) was officially announced, scheduled this year for June 12 and 13 in the Science and Technology Park Niš.

At the conference, the topics, participants, panelists, and ways to transform FNT, which has been profiled as an important regional and international platform for years, were announced. The press and other guests were addressed by the director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia – RPK Niš, Aleksandar Milićević, the director of STP Niš, Milan Ranđelović, PhD, the representative of the City of Niš, Prof. Vladislav Marjanović, PhD, as well as institutional friends of the Forum who have traditionally supported the organization of this event for years.

The topics of this year’s FNT will be directed towards the most topical innovative news in the field of artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, 5G networks, development of innovation ecosystems, Web 3 and blockchain technologies. Dedicated to the creative industries, the Forum brings together experts and leading companies from around the world with the aim of deepening the discussion on new trends and challenges in the field of advanced technologies, which not only enables the connection between educational and research institutions, startups, and innovative companies, but also attracts a wide range of participants, including investors, technology enthusiasts, regulatory bodies, NGOs, and industry professionals.

The organizers of this year’s Forum of Advanced Technologies are the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia – RPK Niš, the Science and Technology Park Niš, and the City of Niš, with the support of the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation.