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RTS and STP Niš have Signed an Agreement on Mutual Cooperation

As a public media service, the Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) has recognized the importance of innovations and formed the RTS Media Innovations (RMI), and as seen by its decision to have its representatives in Niš as well, it also recognized the significance of supporting innovative solutions, products, and services that STP Niš provides to its members, as well as those who are starting the development of their own innovative business.

A delegation of the Radio Television of Serbia headed by director Dragan Bujošević visited the Science and Technology Park Niš. The goal of the visit was the signing of the Agreement on Cooperation between RTS and STP Niš, and the Agreement includes the establishment of cooperation in the field of research, development, and innovations in digital media through the joint development of technology, programming and media application design, and the application of artificial intelligence in creating media tools.

The opening of an RMI division in STP Niš will enable:

  • Better information for the public on the activities of STP Niš and other related or connected institutions, education institutions and projects in Niš and the region,
  • More efficient cooperation forming in creating, promoting, and planning innovative media projects with the possibility of joint development in the function of a public media service,
  • Integration of the Niš division into the RMI innovation center of creative industry and communication technology,
  • The development of digital television, audio, media, and communications technology through the realization of new innovative programs and projects,
  • The realization of joint education programs, conferences, and workshops, with the goal of affirming innovativeness and creativity, and improving media literacy.

This cooperation will be of great significance to young people attending study programs in the fields of journalism and communication science, art, information technologies, as well as media and production houses, IT companies focused on video game development, and also companies whose solutions are based on applying artificial intelligence.