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STP Niš and Poslovi Infostud signed an Agreement on Cooperation

The Science and Technology Park Niš (STP Niš) and Infostud signed an Agreement on Mutual Cooperation with the goal of improving work in the fields of its activities and strengthening both organizations’ cooperation in order to achieve the best results possible. On behalf of STP Niš, the Agreement was signed by Director Dr Milan Ranđelović, and on behalf of Poslovi Infostud, by Sonja Ćetković, the Employment and HR websites Director.

This mutual cooperation also means the development of a joint online platform for the needs of the website, which will significantly facilitate the search for open job positions in STP Niš member companies for members down the line. We will work together on activities directed towards mutual education and promotion, as well as the establishment of collaboration between Poslovi Infostud, STP Niš, and its member companies.

This Agreement also encompasses special financial benefits to STP Niš member companies when using services provided by Poslovi Infostud.

STP Niš was founded in 2020 with the goal of providing infrastructural support and professional services to companies and scientific research and innovation organizations. It also dedicates itself to attracting innovative technology development companies, be they domestic or foreign, and creating conditions for the founding of a larger number of startup and spin-off companies. It gathers and creates a network of partners and associates with the goal of creating and improving the innovative ecosystem. Currently, over 40 innovative companies from this dynamic community work on developing their globally competitive products and services every day.

Poslovi Infostud has leading employment websites within it, which provide solutions for candidates as well as employers. The very mission of Poslovi Infostud is to efficiently connect candidates and employers and assist them in the processes of employment and career building, thus making Serbia a better place to work in.