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The Innovation Fund has Published a New Public Call for Issuing Grants

Until November 15, innovative enterprises and teams can apply for the Early Development Program and the Innovation Co-financing Program intended for developing new products, services, or technologies that have a strong innovative potential and for which there is a need on the market.

The Innovation Fund has dedicated a sum of up to 3.2 million euros, and depending on the program, between 80,000 and 300,000 euros per individual project will be granted. For implementing the project, the enterprises are obligated to provide part of the funding from other, private sources as well. That way, the Fund participates together with the enterprises in research and the development of innovative solutions, which have a positive influence on the national economy as a consequence.

Project applications in all fields of science and technology and all industrial sectors are to be submitted via the portal, and you can check for the necessary documentation for application and detailed information about the public call on the Innovation Fund’s website.