Startup breakfast: Innovation and startup ecosystem of western Croatia


The Technology Park Varaždin is a dynamic community of entrepreneurs, innovators, mentors, and creative people, and by combining experience and top notch infrastructure, it offers its members support in business development, which contributes to the social and economic growth of the Varaždin region and the Republic of Croatia as a whole. Within the technology park, there is also the Makerspace – a joint coworking space for fast prototyping and physical product production.

At this week’s Startup Breakfast, we will have the opportunity to hear about examples of good practice from Karlo Kukec, director of the Technology Park Varaždin, and Ivan Todorović, director of Makerspace Varaždin. With them, we will talk about the very creation of the TechPark Varaždin community, the building of the Makerplace, various current programs, as well as the self-sustainability model of the TechPark.

For more than 10 years, Karlo Kukec has been working on programs that provide various forms of support to entrepreneurs, and he also participated in the implementation of over 30 projects financed by the EU. He had the role of project partner and manager of the project itself. He is one of the founders of the Voogle initiative and the Voogle accelerator. He is the leader of the Voogle conference organizational team and the Fast Track to Chicagoland program, which was selected as the best support program for the year 2017 at the international conference on business incubation held in Seattle in April 2017.

In 2016, Ivan Todorović founded the company “IT Media” headquartered in the Technology Park Varaždin. From the very beginning, as part of the TechPark tenant community, he has been included in the creation, development, and formation of the workshop, as well as the procurement of necessary equipment. Ivan gives education on 3D modeling and 3D scanning, as well as work on the CO2 laser.

We await you on Friday, March 11 at 10:00 in the VIP meeting room on the third floor of the Science and Technology Park Niš.