STP Niš Meetup: Contemporary HR concepts in practice

20.04.2022. 18.00 Zoom

HR management is growing in importance through the development of the new philosophy of companies which places employees first. The intellectual capital has become the most significant resource and the main weapon for the survival and the development of a company. And the battle for talents has never been more challenging!

People employed in HR of a company perform a whole portfolio of activities – from selecting suitable candidates for jobs, introducing new employees to what is expected of them, all the way to their socialization. Aside from this, the HR also creates a culture of organization, motivates employees, and creates possibilities for constant learning.

It is important to highlight the significance of the active role of HR in creating the best possible experience of employees, as well as the significance of following the latest trends in HR practice. That is why we will place a special focus on employer branding, online recruitment, and psychological support programs as popular HR concepts.

People who will speak about their experiences are:

  • Aleksandar Milinčić, Partner & Managing Director @ Vega IT Niš 
  • Dušan Kostadinović, Talent Acquisition Manager @Coca Cola HBC
  • Bojana Filipović, Specialist for Training and Development and HR business partner @ Infostudgrupa