STP Niš Meetup: Agile methods and facilitations

28.02.2022. 18.00 Zoom

Today, the words “agile” and “facilitation” can be heard on a regular basis in companies which develop complex products, and these modern business principles can be used by managers, project coordinators, teams, and even entire companies. They include skills you can utilize as an individual – improving your personal skills or transforming processes within your company making it efficient, modern, and adapted to the present.

If you had heard of some of the techniques, but are not sure of what you can accomplish with them and how to go one step beyond, then this interactive meetup is for you.

As top experts in this field, the regional director of the International Association of Facilitators, Tamara Živadinović, and the Agile coach from the IT Center, Dr. Slavimir Stošović will explain to us why this concept took over the business world and what its application is.