STP Niš Meetup: Coworking community


The research conducted by the Deli Space shows that 41 coworking spaces which gather tenants from many fields on a daily basis are functioning in Serbia. Coworking has become a practical solution for office space, especially in the time of the pandemic, when any kind of event and meeting has been directed towards online platforms. During this period, business flexibility has become an imperative.

As much as remote work is less demanding in the sense of better organization of work hours, the distance from office space brings not-so-good benefits. According to several studies, remote work means less communication and experience and opinion sharing, which can lead to less creative ideas further down the line. In order for an innovation and startup culture to be constantly improving, good ideas are necessary; this is where the significance of coworking communities is reflected the most.

At this event, we will discuss the topic of coworking communities, who their tenants are, what the advantages of this kind of work are, and what the possibilities of developing local communities in different fields are.

People who spoke at the event are:

Milan Babić – Deli Space for Creative Work (Niš)

Željko Crnjaković – InfostudHub (Subotica)

Sara Milosavljević – Impact Hub (Belgrade)

Ivana Damnjanović – Space for POMAK (Zaječar)