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Phase 2 of the Raising Starts program is starting!

Twenty four startups have received further support for rapid development within the second phase of the Raising Starts 2.0 program: Ambrozer, Attention Getter, Arch, BIBO, By Tech, Capsule Game Studio, Collabwriting, Farma Inova, Farmbot, Džigzi, LetzPlay, MatchIT, Meeliana, Natural Factory, ProShot, Safe Waste, SAVEMA, Smartsy, Sport Up, Stambeni savetnik, The Social Formula, VAH, WizArt, Zlatni start.

Each team will be assigned an expert and business mentor depending on specific needs of the startup, with whom they will work on set goals and further development through individual sessions during the next 6 months. They can also expect additional specialized training programs in the fields of business building and startup development, peer-to-peer networking with other startup founders, investors, and experts from the community, and the teams get up to 15.000 CHF for the rapid development of their innovations. 

At the second call for participation in the first phase of the Raising Starts program, 45 teams who have mastered the basic knowledge for innovative business development, market validations of problems, and the field of intellectual property protection, have been selected. At the end of Phase 1, teams and companies have presented their ideas on the Demo Day before the Selection Committee, which has decided on which 24 startups have shown the greatest potential for commercializing their idea and conquering the global market, which will then continue participating in the program within Phase 2.

Raising Starts is the first pre-seed program in Serbia, which simultaneously provides professional and financial assistance to startup teams and companies in the earliest development phases for the rapid development of innovative products and services on the path from an innovative idea to the readiness for investments and entering the global market. The program is being realized by the Science-Technology Park Belgrade with the support of the Government of Switzerland in partnership with the Science and Technology Park Niš and the Science-Technology Park and Startup Center Čačak within the “Technopark Serbia 2 – Boosting Exports through Technoparks” project.