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The second workshop in the “Valorization of Knowledge EU” series was held

At the second workshop in the “Valorization of Knowledge EU” series conducted by the EU Info Point Niš in partnership with the Science and Technology Park Niš – “Knowledge as the key for business development”, we learned that intellectual property is the core of companies in the 21st century, the driving force of innovations, the competitiveness and growth of business, as well as an asset for validation and attracting investors for startup companies.

Through the discussion and examples given by Dr. Nedeljko Milosavljević and Dr. Milan Banić, we found out that patents, brands, industrial design, and copyright can serve as a “shield” and/or “sword” and, as such, be the key to business development.

At this workshop, as well as further workshops in this series, EU experts for business and innovations and experts for knowledge transfer will offer their expertise and support by means of a webinar for the connection of research and its application, representing examples of intermediaries connecting knowledge producers and knowledge users, especially small and medium-sized companies.