Startup Breakfast – How to gather a winning Startup team


 Assembling a team that will bring success to every project/startup is not an easy task and requires a series of necessary steps for setting up and observing such a team. STP Niš and IT Labs have prepared a Startup Breakfast for December 3, where the topic will be “How to gather a winning Startup team.”

Based on his long-term work, Blagoj Kjupev from IT Labs shared information from his experience about possible real scenarios, what the most common problems that appear when forming teams are, as well as how to overcome them, with us.

He will also present us an amazing overview of the whole process of assembling a winning Startup team – from the idea of assembling a team, all the way to the execution of the project, through examples of good practice.

Blagoj Kjupev is the chief director for innovations of the company “IT Labs” and, during his mentorship career, has been a mentor to a large number of teams for different activities, supported small companies and startup teams, helped with the identification of weak points, and suggested solutions that helped with the development of teams and companies. IT Labs was founded in 2005 in Los Angeles, and their main goal is gathering teams who possess the greatest performances for software development. They state that the main values of their company are: integrity, excellence, proactivity, innovation, and caring for people.